The tourism in India has got different names- adventure tourism, health tourism, cultural tourism, wildlife tourism, and so on. Thanks to the geographical features and the rich cultural values of India. India is full of natural resources that attracting scores of tourists every day. The wild forests, the snow-clad mountains, the long stretch of coast lines, and lastly the rich culture and the heritage make India the indomitable tourist destination. To serve the multi-national and the native tourists with maximum efficiency, the Indians hotels and resorts are well equipped with world-class amenities. Yes, these are the special attractions that catch the eyes of tourists who land in this land of wonders. To know more about the culture and heritage of the real Hindustan, get in touch with The NATURE TOURS to organize a trip in India, you can plan your own destinations or can freely call us for suggestions to travel in India and abroad.

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The country is gifted with nature’s bountiful riches. India’s strategic geographical position has made it one of the top tourist destinations. The array of caste, creed, languages, religion, climate and geology combined together made India a dream place for tourists. India’s rich cultural heritage left mind blowing evidences like the HawaMahel ,TajMahal, QutubMinar, Ajanta &Ellora caves, a lot many temples and architectural edifices. The architectural monuments hail the saga of the great emperors who ruled India in different dynasties

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Bounded by the Himalayan mountain ranges in the north, covered by water bodies from three sides India is distinct from any other place and a tourist interested in exploring every corner of this mystic land needs a really long vacation and experienced assistance. The NATURE TOURS provide economical tour packages to the tourists, both native and foreign, to utilise your holidays to the fullest with a Jungle safari, Lake Trek, Fishing, Skiing, and Paragliding, etc.

The NATURE TOURS offers you Special Honeymoon Packages. Honeymoon phase is so much fun in real life, when you meet and discover somebody new and fall in love and chase them. The pursuit. And that climactic final moment of ultimate togetherness.

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